Administrative Law Matters

Commentary on developments in administrative law, particularly judicial review of administrative action by common law courts.

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Monetizing Benefits

Interesting paper here from Arden Rowell (University of Illinois). One of the difficulties with regulators performing cost-benefit analyses lies in determining what should go into the analysis. Some things we can count quite easily: to use Rowell’s example, the cost of installing rear-view cameras on cars; and the benefits in terms of lives saved (although […] Read more

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Henry VIII vit encore!

Much hubbub this morning at the Assemblé Nationale as the deputies debate legislation designed to end the student boycott – excellent coverage of the marathon législatif from Radio-Canada here. Some of the hubbub relates to a “Henry VIII” clause, contained in Article 9 of the draft legislation. This allows the Minister for Education to take […] Read more

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C’est qui le maître chez l’arbitre?

A challenge, perhaps, from the Québec Superior Court to the established rule that tribunals are masters of their own procedures, as long as they do notviolate the rules of natural justice. A challenge, certainly, to anyone who thinks the distinction in administrative law between matters of procedure (for reviewing courts) and matters of substance (for […] Read more

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Why Study Law?

McGill’s Professor Rod Macdonald is one of Canada’s leading administrative law scholars and also a big thinker about the role and place of legal education. He gave a speech at the London School of Economics a few months ago, which he has now posted on SSRN. A taste: Here is my first claim. Studying law […] Read more

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80% of life is just showing up

Fascinating decision here from the District Court for the District of Columbia. America’s National Labor Relations Board has been at the centre of controversy recently because of President Obama’s inability to appoint new members. Before he made recess appointments to restore the full complement of members, the Board took an important decision which would have […] Read more