Publication Updates

My article on administrative appeals, Les appels administratifs au Canada is now published in the Canadian Bar Review. Subscribers can access it here. There is an open-access version on SSRN. The article has already provoked interest (see Hachey Livestock Transport Ltd. v. Canada (Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food), 2015 CART 19, at para. 37 ff) and many readers have asked whether an English translation is available. For now, the answer is no, but I hope to make one available with additional commentary after the Federal Court of Appeal has decided its pending cases on the Refugee Appeal Division, an issue I address at length in my article.

My article on reasonableness review, The Scope and Meaning of Reasonableness Review is also now available. It is not yet on the Alberta Law Review’s website but is available in hardcopy and, for subscribers, on LexisNexis. A pre-publication version can be downloaded from SSRN.

It was very pleasant to work with the editorial teams of the two journals.

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