Upcoming Speaking Engagements

There is a busy Fall ahead for your erstwhile blogger!

First, a plug for a new professional development/networking programme we are starting at U de M: les Rendez-vous juridiques. The first is a pre-election special on October 5, featuring Yolande James and my colleagues Jean Leclair, Noura Karazivan and Hugo Tremblay on a variety of legal topics — gender equality, the environment, Senate reform and the role of the courts — related to the federal election to be held on October 19. Register here. Have a look at the poster.

I will be in Toronto on October 28, for the Ontario Bar Association’s Annual Update on Judicial Review, with Stratas J.A.

The following day, October 29, I will be in Montreal, delivering my “Language of Administrative Law” paper at a Canadian Bar Association conference in honour of LeBel J. 

In Toronto, on November 5, I will participate in two sessions at the Annual Conference of the Society of Ontario Adjudicators and Regulators. On the following day, November 6, I will talk about stare decisis in administrative law at a roundtable organized by the Canadian Institute for the Administration of Justice, a presentation based on this series of posts.

Finally, I will be back in Toronto on November 30, for a panel on standard of review at the annual Osgoode PD programme on administrative law and practice.

I hope to see you at one or more of these events!

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