Upcoming Events

The Fall conference season has well and truly begun. I have participated in a variety of private events since the trees began to shed their leaves and, in the coming weeks and months, I will be speaking from a number of publicly accessible platforms:

Friday, October 16, Centre for Law and the Contemporary Workplace, Queen’s University, “What Difference Will Vavilov Make?”

Monday, October 19, Centre for Health Law, Policy and Ethics, University of Ottawa, “Vulnerable: le droit, la politique et l’éthique de la COVID-19”

Tuesday, October 27, Ontario Bar Association, “Annual Update on Judicial Review” ($)

Wednesday, October 28, Canadian Institute, “Advanced Administrative Law & Practice 2020” ($)

Friday, November 20, CLEBC, “Administrative Law Conference 2020” ($)

Friday, December 4, CLEBC, “Immigration Issues in Depth 2020” ($)

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