Ontario Bar Association Annual Update on Judicial Review, October 27

Here is the running order for this year’s Judicial Review Update (me and Justice Stratas of the Federal Court of Appeal). The event is online only. Sign up here.

Vavilov, One Year On

Statutory Appeals

The Classification Game

Yee v Chartered Professional Accountants of Alberta, 2020 ABCA 98

Planet Energy (Ontario) Corp. v Ontario Energy Board, 2020 ONSC 598

Scope of Appeal

Manitoba Hydro v Manitoba Public Utilities Board, 2020 MBCA 60

Bell Canada v British Columbia Broadband Association, 2020 FCA 140

Correctness Review

Bank of Montreal v Li, 2020 FCA 22

Coldwater First Nation v Canada (Attorney General), 2020 FCA 34

Ball v McAulay, 2020 ONCA 481

Reasonableness Review

Robust but Restrained

Canada (Attorney General) v Zalys, 2020 FCA 81

Syndicat de l’enseignement de Champlain c Commission scolaire Marie-Victorin, 2020 QCCA 135


Romania v Boros, 2020 ONCA 216

Edmonton (City of) v Edmonton Police Association, 2020 ABCA 182

Farrier v Canada (Attorney General), 2020 FCA 25

Without Reasons

1120732 B.C. Ltd. v Whistler (Resort Municipality), 2020 BCCA 101

Palpable and overriding error

Al-Ghamdi v College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta, 2020 ABCA 71

Miller v College of Optometrists of Ontario, 2020 ONSC 2573

Houghton v Association of Ontario Land Surveyors, 2020 ONSC 863

Vavilov and International Law

Entertainment Software Assoc. v Society Composers, 2020 FCA 100

Vavilov and Remedies

To remit…

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation v Ferrier, 2019 ONCA 1025

Canada (Attorney General) v Impex Solutions Inc., 2020 FCA 171

Or not to remit…

Nation Rise Wind Farm Limited Partnership v Minister of the Environment, Conservation and Parks, 2020 ONSC 2984

Miscellaneous Matters

Administrative Delay

Abrametz v The Law Society of Saskatchewan, 2020 SKCA 81

Diaz-Rodriguez v British Columbia (Police Complaint Commissioner), 2020 BCCA 221

Brown v Canada (Citizenship and Immigration), 2020 FCA 130


CMRRA-SODRAC Inc. v Apple Canada Inc., 2020 FCA 101

Declaratory Relief

R. v Sullivan, 2020 ONCA 333

Cases to Watch

Appellate Standard of Review

Northern Regional Health Authority v Manitoba Human Rights Commission, 2017 MBCA 98 [“Horrocks”]

Review of Non-Statutory Bodies

Aga v Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church of Canada, 2020 ONCA 10

Further reading

David Stratas, “The Canadian Law of Judicial Review: Some Doctrine and Cases

Paul Daly, “Vavilov Hits the Road”; “Unresolved Issues After Vavilov”; “The Appellate Standard of Review in Public Law Cases

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