What Difference will Vavilov Make? Views from Workplace Law and Beyond

Back in October, I participated in a wonderful conference organized by Professor Kevin Banks (Queen’s) and the Centre for the Study of Law in the Contemporary Workplace.

The panel videos are now available here:

Panel 1: Reasonableness Review Post-Vavilov: An Encomium for Correctness, or Deference as Usual?

Panel 2: Expertise and the Standard of Review

Panel 3: Review and Reasons

There is also an invaluable paper by David Mullan. My paper (forthcoming early next year in the Canadian Journal of Labour and Employment Law) can be downloaded here.

Thanks again to Prof Banks for the invitation, to Nathalie Moniz-Henne for her logistical support and to Carol MacKillop for chairing Panel 3 with aplomb.

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