An Update on the Blog

You may have noticed in recent weeks that service on the blog has been interrupted. Believe it or not, the OpenUM platform, which hosts dozens of law blogs (including mine), was the subject of a cyberattack. The attackers succeeded in dismantling the platform and the two backups of the material hosted on the platform. They demanded a ransom of half a bitcoin. Given that OpenUM has provided the platform entirely free of charge — the whole project is the brainchild of my wonderful former colleague Vincent Gautrais — there were no resources with which to pay a ransom and ensure the safe return of the missing backups.

Luckily, the OpenUM team was able to locate a backup of the platform from earlier this year. Happily, most of the material published on the blog has therefore survived. I am currently trying to piece together my posts from the last few months and hope to get them gradually back online over the next few weeks. Please bear with me and the wonderful OpenUM team as I work to return everything to its pre-cyberattack state (or as close as we can get it).

This content has been updated on October 20, 2021 at 01:54.