Reminder: Fisher & Shapiro on Administrative Agencies, Tuesday, February 21, 11.30

Join us next Tuesday on Zoom for the next in this year’s Administrative Law & Governance Colloquium, with Professors Liz Fisher and Sidney Shapiro, discussing their book, Administrative Competence: Reimagining Administrative Law (CUP, 2021):

This book, by two of the world’s leading administrative law scholars, reimagines administrative law as the law of public administration by making its competence the focus of administrative law. Grounded in extensive interdisciplinary, historical, and doctrinal analysis, Fisher and Shapiro show why understanding both the capacity and authority of expert public administration is crucial to ensure the legitimacy and accountability of the administrative state. To address the current precarious state of administrative law, they support a new study of the administrative process by an Attorney Generals Committee on Administrative Procedure leading to a revised Administrative Procedure Act (APA). This book is a must-read for anyone interested in administrative law and its reform.

The book:

  • Presents a provocative argument for reimagining administrative law to encourage critical thinking among administrative scholars and lawyers
  • Addresses the institutional, historical and doctrinal aspects of administrative law to show readers how they need to think in different ways about administrative law
  • Sets out a framework for the reform of administrative teaching and practice to create a set of practical steps that can be taken to improve administrative law

Register here. Or simply join us here next Tuesday at 11.30 eastern time.

You can find more details about this year’s Colloquium here

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