Webinar Next Week on Public Law Methodology and Theory

I am pleased to be participating in a webinar organized by the University of Essex next week. Joe Tomlinson and I will be presenting our edited collection on methodology in public law whilst Dimitrios Kyritsis and Stuart Lakin will be presenting theirs on constitutional theory. Here is the event description:

In the field of public law, and constitutional and administrative justice, methodology has not always taken a front seat. However, it is becoming increasingly more important in legal research to pay closer attention to the methodologies employed in this field. Whether writing a book, a PhD, a dissertation or an article, there is a growing requirement that as researchers we look to find ways to explain how we research.


Against this backdrop, Essex CAJI is honoured to be hosting a webinar to discuss these issues with the editors of two recent texts focusing on methodologies in these areas of law. The Methodology of Constitutional Theory, edited by Dimitrios Kyritsis and Stuart Lakin, brings together experts in constitutional law to address big questions such as how research is carried out, what disciplines should be drawn upon, and whether there should be a comparative approach in how constitutions are studied. Researching Public Law in Common Law Systems, edited by Paul Daly and Joe Tomlinson, equally features contributions from experts in this field. This text is divided into four categories: the traditional, the insitutional, the technical, and the critical. Chapters across the text address the characteristics and challenges in relation to methodological approaches in public law across a range of approaches including empirical, Marxist, socio legal, and doctrinal and interpretive methods.


Both texts fill a significant gap in the literature, and we are excited to be welcoming the editors of these texts to our webinar, together with our esteemed colleagues Joel Colon-Rios, Theodore Konstadinides, and Yseult Marique here at the University of Essex, and Ana Cannilla from the University of Glasgow, who will be discussing the texts.


Please do join us for this webinar on the 17th of June 2024 from 10:00am – 12:00pm (UK time) (9:00am – 11:00am UTC) for what will be a thought provoking and interesting discussion.

You can register here.

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