If you want to be a Senator, now is your chance

The Trudeau Government has unveiled its reform package for the upper chamber, complete with the criteria that prospective candidates must meet, and a commitment that Canadians will be able to nominate themselves for the job.

But the plan still raises questions as to what sort of unilateral reform is acceptable.

Maryam Monsef, Minister of Democratic Institutions, unveiled the plan this morning. “The new, merit-based appointment process will reduce partisanship in the Senate, improve its capacity to serve Canadians, and help restore public confidence,” Monsef promised, while stressing that the new process still maintains the authority for the Prime Minister to make his recommendations to the Governor General, unimpeded.

The government will set up the Independent Advisory Board on Senate Appointments, which will “provide the Prime Minister with a non-binding shortlist of nominees,” a government background explains. “The Advisory Board will be guided by merit-based criteria in evaluating all candidates.”

Three federal members will staff the board, assisted by two provincial members from whichever province is having its vacancies filled.

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