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A Principled Stand on Tribunal Participation in Judicial Review: Ontario (Energy Board) v. Ontario Power Generation Inc., 2015 SCC 44

The Supreme Court of Canada released a very important decision on tribunal standing today: Ontario (Energy Board) v. Ontario Power Generation Inc., 2015 SCC 44, a utilities regulation case concerning the Board’s decision to disallow salary costs even though a substantial portion was fixed in place by a binding collective agreement. The Court upheld the […] Read more


Getting it Right First Time: Administrative Decision-Makers’ Participation in Judicial Review Proceedings

The extent to which administrative decision-makers should be allowed to participate in judicial review challenges to their decisions is a difficult question. On the one hand, limited participation deprives a reviewing court of important perspectives that an administrative decision-maker might be able to bring to the discussion. On the other hand, aggressive participation might — […] Read more

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The Lori Douglas Inquiry

The Lori Douglas affair took a spectacular new turn yesterday, when the entire Inquiry Committee resigned. The Committee, established under the Judges Act, was inquiring into allegations against a Manitoba judge. The Committee published reasons for its decision. Notably, the Committee felt its function was being frustrated by the resort of various parties to the […] Read more