Administrative Law Matters

Commentary on developments in administrative law, particularly judicial review of administrative action by common law courts.


Studying Review and Appeal Routes: R (Zahid) v The University of Manchester [2017] EWHC 188

Paul Daly March 21, 2017

The procedural intricacies of judicial review of administrative action can create pitfalls for the unwary. Various principles are relevant and sometimes they (seem to) come into conflict with one another. For instance, an applicant should exhaust alternative remedies before applying for judicial review, a principle that is of one with the general move in the […] Read more


Voidness, Voidability, Values

Paul Daly March 10, 2017

Cross-posted from the Administrative Law Blog. There is a nice passage early on in Amnon Rubinstein’s Jurisdiction and Illegality (Oxford, Clarendon, 1965). Responding to a claim of Hans Kelsen that voidness is a monolithic concept and arguing instead for a distinction between unlawful decisions that are void and those that are merely voidable, Rubinstein writes […] Read more


Announcement: New Blog

Paul Daly March 3, 2017

There is a new administrative law blog, the Admin Law Blog, which is a most welcome new addition to the blawgosphere. The editors’ introductory post describes the blog as follows: This is a forum for the discussion of ideas and developments of interest to scholars of administrative law across the common law world. It aims […] Read more