100 Not Out: Clawbies Nominations

Since starting in May, I have now reached the 100 post mark. I am not gloating! In fact, I would not even mark the occasion were it not for the fact that the Clawbies nominations are due in by, well, today.

Karim Renno has very graciously nominated me. So I won’t have to cause an unseemly scene by nominating myself…Thanks, Karim!

In my nominations, I’m going to focus on student contributions to the blogosphere. No particular reason for the focus, it just makes it easier to whittle down the field of contenders!

1. Faits et Causes: I enjoy this French-language blog, which features law students writing on current affairs from a legal perspective. Always interesting, always current, and always a great way to improve your French…

2. The Court.ca: Great commentary on Supreme Court of Canada and other interesting Canadian decisions. Maybe it’s just me, but I think they have been casting the net a bit wider this year, which is great: sometimes the SCC gets too much attention. Gets a bit quiet around exam time though…

3. Blogue du CRL: OK, not exactly students, but they were not so long ago: this is the blog of Montreal’s Young Lawyers’ Association. They now do a frivolous Friday series, which I enjoy as much as Karim’s Dimanches rétro

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