2014: Clawbies and Year in Review

Nominations are open for this year’s Canadian Law Blog Awards.

I’m going to make one repeat nomination and a couple of unconventional ones. (1) Léonid Sirota (again: his constitutional law posts on Double Aspect are outstanding); (2) Colin Lachanche (he piloted CanLII Connects, which is a superb project that aims to make expert commentary and case summaries available for free; (3) U of T’s Bora Laskin Law Library (something as simple as providing tables of contents for recent journals is incredibly useful).

Here is my personal top 10 from 2014 in chronological order. Happy (re) reading!

Staying out of the Wilderness of Single Instances

Administrative Law Matters at the Movies

And What if the Nadon Reference Never Happened?

Legal Academia 2.0

“Government” Courts? Challenging the Emergent Narrative that Canada’s Federal Courts are Unduly Deferential

Norms, Facts and Metaphors: the Fabulous Baker Factors and Other Tall Administrative Law Tales

Judicial Musical Chairs II: The Constitutionality of Robert Mainville’s Appointment to the Quebec Court of Appeal

Crowdsourcing Regulation: Anti-Spam Enforcement by the CRTC

Did Dunsmuir Simplify the Law on Judicial Review?

Procedural Fairness: a View from 20,000 Feet














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