A Dunsmuir Anecdote

I can’t resist passing on the postscript to Norman Siebrasse’s excellent post on standard of review issues raised in a recent (and interesting) patent case at the Federal Court:

Finally, on a personal note, Dunsmuir was the clerk of the court in Fredericton, New Brunswick (the full name of the case is Dunsmuir v New Brunswick), and my wife and I were married in 2004 at the Fredericton City Hall, by David Dunsmuir, about a year before he was removed from office. He did a brief Elvis impersonation, which my wife particularly enjoyed, but so far as I know he performed competently, and we are validly married.

The case, which does not feature any Elvis impressions, is Pfizer Canada Inc v Canada (Attorney General) 2014 FC 1243 .

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