A Change of Role

As of June 1, I will be Associate Dean (Faculty Affairs and Professional Development) and Faculty Secretary, Faculté de droit, Université de Montréal, as part of the team put in place by our incoming Dean, Jean-François GaudreaultDesBiens, to help to execute the reform mandate he has been given by the university authorities.

So, the next five years are likely to be pretty busy. Jean-François insists that the members of his executive will continue to contribute as scholars — and I would not have agreed to take up the role had he not done so — but I expect my output will inevitably diminish somewhat, especially as I learn the ropes.

I did not anticipate this promotion at all — but then again I have never anticipated anything in my career to date and so will continue to meander on as I previously have. Posting will likely become even more sporadic, so I hope you all bear with me during the coming transition.


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