Conference: The Crown in the 21st Century – Deference or Drift?

From Michael Jackson and Philippe Lagassé:

May I draw to your attention that registration is currently being accepted for the conference “The Crown in the 21st Century:  Deference or Drift?” to be held at Government House in Victoria, BC, 14-16 January 2016.  This will bring together leading authorities on the Crown from Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom and will deal with issues such as Government Formation in Canada, Politics and the Crown, the Crown and the Courts, Indigenous Peoples and the Honour of the Crown, and the Monarchy and the Commonwealth.

Complete information on the program and the speakers is found at:

Registration information is found at:

For accommodation, here is the link to the hotel:      

A reduced rate for registration is available until December 18.

From me: I hope to see you there!

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