New Job: University of Cambridge

I am really delighted to say that from October 1, I will be a Senior Lecturer in Public Law at the University of Cambridge. I have been hired to teach administrative law; the position opened up because of the impending retirement (from his university position only) of Professor Christopher Forsyth.

There are very few places that I would have considered leaving Montreal for and Cambridge is one of them. I know and deeply respect the members of the Faculty of Law and, having done my doctoral studies there, have enough of a feel for the institution that I can realistically hope for as seamless as possible a transition. Though I am daunted by having to follow in the footsteps of the various titans of public law that have walked the halls of the Faculty of Law at the University of Cambridge, I am very excited about my future in the Fens.

Leaving Canada after six wonderful years — at the University of Ottawa, Lerners LLP and the University of Montreal — will be difficult, of course. The only consolation is that in the age of the Internet, the world is a smaller place than ever before. I hope to keep in regular contact with the many friends I have made in the Great White North. I hope to be physically present too: there will be regular family holidays with my in-laws in Quebec City and I will continue to welcome invitations to speak, especially on general topics that are liable to lead to publishable material.

As some of you know, my wife Marie-France and I met while we were students at Queens’ College; the sensation of a wheel turning full circle is very pleasant indeed.

Things are likely to be quiet on the blog for the next while — indeed, they already have been — while we try to arrange matters. Speaking of which…Click here to see a lovely sun-filled family-friendly house in Lachine, Montreal’s first suburb, with 3+1 bedrooms and a large lot ready for immediate occupancy. There is an open house this Sunday!

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