Current and Upcoming Projects

I hope to start blogging more regularly in the coming weeks, as we are gearing up for a return to Term time here at Cambridge.

I thought it might be useful to give you all an overview of my current and upcoming and projects, many of which will appear in some form in this forum.

Regular readers will be aware that I am working, with David Gwynn Morgan and Gerard Hogan, on the next edition of Administrative Law in Ireland, which we hope to send to press sometime next year. I am also working on a monograph based on my “values-based” approach to administrative law, provisionally entitled Understanding Administrative Law in the Common Law World, which is slowly coming together.

I have agreed to produce three book chapters in upcoming edited collections: one provisionally entitled “Convergence and Divergence in Canadian and English Administrative Law” for Swati Jhaveri and Michael Ramsden’s project on Indigenizing Administrative Law; another on administrative justice for the Oxford Handbook on Irish Politics; and one more on “Facticity” for the Oxford Handbook on Comparative Administrative Law.

I have some upcoming speaking engagements on legislation and the legislative process: a contribution to a symposium at La Trobe (Australia) in October, on bilingual legislation, and a talk on Brexit at the Université de Montréal next March, on the influence of constitutional principles and partisan politics on the legislative work being done to extricate the United Kingdom from the European Union.

And I will be speaking, along with Justice David Stratas, at the Ontario Bar Association’s Annual Update on Judicial Review in Toronto on November 23 — so, as ever, I am keeping a close eye on developments in Canadian administrative law.

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