Ontario Bar Association Annual Update on Judicial Review: Toronto, September 26

Justice David Stratas and I will step once more unto the breach on September 26 in Toronto to discuss recent developments in Canadian administrative law (and, where relevant, developments elsewhere in the common law world).

You will find details on how to register (in person or via webcast) here. We hope you can join us!

Here’s what will be on the agenda…


High-Profile Cases


Law Society of British Columbia v. Trinity Western University, 2018 SCC 32 (CanLII)


Trinity Western University v. Law Society of Upper Canada, 2018 SCC 33 (CanLII)


Turp c. Canada (Affaires étrangères), 2018 CAF 133 (CanLII)


Tesla Motors Canada ULC v. Ontario (Ministry of Transportation), 2018 ONSC 5062


Standard of Review


Quebec (Commission des normes, de l’équité, de la santé et de la sécurité du travail) v. Caron, 2018 SCC 3 (CanLII)


West Fraser Mills Ltd. v. British Columbia (Workers’ Compensation Appeal Tribunal), 2018 SCC 22 (CanLII)


Canada (Canadian Human Rights Commission) v. Canada (Attorney General), 2018 SCC 31 (CanLII)




Delta Air Lines Inc. v. Lukács, 2018 SCC 2 (CanLII)


Williams Lake Indian Band v. Canada (Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development), 2018 SCC 4 (CanLII)


Bonnybrook Industrial Park Development Co. Ltd. v. Canada (National Revenue), 2018 FCA 136 (CanLII)


Dover District Council v. CPRE Kent, [2017] UKSC 79


Reasonableness Review


Groia v. Law Society of Upper Canada, 2018 SCC 27 (CanLII)


Canada (Attorney General) v. Shakov, 2017 FCA 250 (CanLII)


E.T. v. Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board 2017 ONCA 893 (CanLII)


R (Gallaher Group Ltd.) v. Competition and Markets Authority [2018] UKSC 25


Statutory Interpretation


Williams v. Canada (Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness), 2017 FCA 252 (CanLII)


Pong Marketing and Promotions Inc. v. Ontario Media Development Corporation, 2018 ONCA 555 (CanLII)


Canada v. Cheema, 2018 FCA 45 (CanLII)


Appellate Standards of Review

R. (A.R.) v. Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Police, [2018] UKSC 48


Minister for Immigration and Border Protection v. SZVFW, [2018] HCA 30




Highwood Congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses (Judicial Committee) v. Wall, 2018 SCC 26 (CanLII)


Ewert v. Canada, 2018 SCC 30 (CanLII)


Canada (Attorney General) v. Distribution G.V.A. Inc., 2018 FCA 146 (CanLII)


Exclusion of Judicial Review


Girouard v Canada (Attorney General), 2018 FC 865


R (Privacy International) v. Foreign and Commonwealth Secretary [2017] EWCA Civ 1868


H v. Refugee and Protection Officer, [2018] NZCA 188


What to Expect in December?


Vavilov v. Canada (Citizenship and Immigration), 2017 FCA 132 (CanLII)


Bell Canada v. Canada (Attorney General), 2017 FCA 249 (CanLII)


  • Intensity of Review: Categories vs Context


  • Reasonableness Review: Role of Reasons


  • Reasonableness Review: Methodology


  • Reasonableness Review: Principles of Statutory Interpretation


  • Procedural Fairness: What Standard of Review (If Any)?


  • Appellate Review: Housen-izing Administrative Law?


Further reading

Paul Daly, Léonid Sirota et al, The Dunsmuir Decade/Les 10 ans de Dunsmuir

 Paul Daly: Why is Standard of Review so Addictive?

The Hon. Justice David Stratas: A Decade of Dunsmuir: Please No More

The Hon. Justice David Stratas: Looking Past Dunsmuir: Beginning Afresh

Paul Daly, “Struggling Towards Coherence in Canadian Administrative Law: Recent Cases on Standard of Review and Reasonableness” (2016) 62 McGill Law Journal 527

David Stratas, The Canadian Law of Judicial Review: Some Doctrine and Cases (SSRN)

David Stratas, “The Canadian Law of Judicial Review: A Plea for Doctrinal Coherence and Consistency” (2016) 42 Queen’s Law Journal 27

Symposium, “Issues in Constitutional and Administrative Law”, University of New Brunswick Law Journal, Volume 68 (2017)

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