Reminder: Dr Sarah Nason, Free Webcast Today, 5pm EST (2pm PST, 9pm GMT)

A reminder that today’s installment of the Administrative Law & Governance Colloquium will be webcast and open to all. Just click here at around 5pm Eastern Time (2pm in the Pacific, 9pm in London). For more details on the webcast, see here.


Step 1 Download and install application 

Adobe connect Application:
Step 2 Open application and paste link in URL field and press continue. Link:

Step 3 Write your name and enter as a guest.
To use Adobe Connect you must:

-Have the latest OS updates installed on your computer.
-Have a high speed internet connection 
-Have a wired Connection if at all possible. ( Wireless connections are not recommended )
-Have the latest version of Adobe Flash Player installed
-Make sure that any Application that could be using you Webcam or Microphone is closed completely before joining the session
-Have a pair of headphones handy in case you are experiencing/producing echo. Using the headphones should correct the echo if it is produced in part or in full by your connection.

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