Some Upcoming Webinars

Readers may be interested in some upcoming webinars which are open to the general public.

First, on May 20 at 2pm EST, I will be speaking (with Professor David Dyzenhaus) on a Centre for Constitutional Studies panel, “COVID-19: Emergency Powers and Legal Principle“. This webinar is free.

On May 25 and May 26, 12pm EST, I will be giving a six-month update on Vavilov for the Canadian Institute for the Administration of Justice, in English on the 25th and in French on the 26th. CIAJ members can join for free, non-members are asked to contribute $35.

Later the same week, CIAJ is holding its National Roundtable on Administrative Law. I’ll be speaking on Vavilov a little after 11.30 EST. The Roundtable is always an excellent event, attended by leading judges, tribunal members and practitioners, and promises to be a very enjoyable and illuminating online get-together. The regular fee for the day is $275, with a special student rate of $75.

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