Vavilov Hits the Road

As regular readers will know, I have been maintaining a standing entry on the pan-Canadian rollout of the Vavilov framework for judicial review of administrative action.

An official version of “Vavilov Hits the Road” appeared as a supplement to Colleen Flood and Lorne Sossin eds., Administrative Law in Context (3rd ed., 2018): download it here.

My latest and last update to my blog entry of the same title can be accessed here. I say last for the following reasons:

As I write in early August 2020, I think this post has come to the end of its useful life. In the Fall, I hope to focus on decisions which are momentous in themselves or which highlight particularly important issues. Beyond that, towards the end of the year I expect to produce (1) a general piece on reasonableness review in the Vavilov framework for the next edition of Administrative Law in Context (which I am co-editing with Colleen Flood) and (2) a ‘Vavilov at 1′ piece charting the major developments since Vavilov was decided in December of last year (I’ll be speaking on this topic on at least a few events in the Fall).

I would add that the blog entry is now simply too unwieldy to update, as at nearly 13,000 words (!) it has become difficult even for me to navigate. And I should say that, increasingly, I find myself adding new decisions to string citations to support propositions which are now well established — put another way, eye-catching decisions are not appearing as regularly as they were earlier in the Vavilov roll out, decreasing the utility of a post of this sort.

To all those who read and commented on the “Vavilov Hits the Road” entry, thank you, and please do continue to get in touch if you think a decision merits discussion or mention.

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