Save the Date: Vavilov’s First Birthday, December 18, 2020

Before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, I was looking forward to hosting some of the country’s leading scholars and practitioners on administrative law for a day-long conference picking apart the implications of Vavilov for various areas of administrative decision-making.

The event has been rescheduled for December 18. Please save the date! The title of the conference will be Vavilov’s First Birthday.* The conference will be remote, on Zoom, and free to attend. The format will be a series of round-table discussions: no papers, no powerpoints, just palaver!

Here is the tentative running order for the day:

Panel 1: Vavilov: In Perspective (10.30-11.45 EST)

David Mullan

Mary Liston

Lauren Wihak

Sheila Wildeman

Panel 2: Vavilov and Judicial Review (12.00-1.15 EST)

Cristie Ford (Economic Regulation)

Stéphanie Roy (Environmental Law)

Jamie Liew (Immigration Law)

Steve Barrett (Labour Law)

Panel 3: Vavilov and Decision-making (1.30-2.45 EST)

Jennifer Khurana (Human Rights Tribunals)

Angus Grant (Process and Substance)

Jennifer Raso (Front-Line Decision-making)

Alexander Pless (Judicial Perspective)

* I know that Vavilov was handed down on December 19, but December 18 is the closest workday: chalk this down as another of the inconveniences 2020 has visited upon us.

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