Understanding Administrative Law in the Common Law World — UK Launch (November 1, 5pm GMT, 1pm EST)

Thanks to the miracles of modern technology, I have spent the last 18 months travelling around Canada and the world from the comfort of my home in Ottawa. And I will be ‘travelling’ some more soon.

For the launch of Understanding Administrative Law in the Common Law World (Oxford University Press, 2021), the Centre for Public Law has teamed up with partners around the world to organize discussion events. Given the book’s wide geographic sweep (Australia, Canada, England, Ireland and New Zealand), there will be three events to begin with: one in the British Isles, one in the Antipodes and one in North America.

The first takes place on Monday, November 1, at 5pm GMT (1pm EST), in partnership with the Centre for Constitutional Studies at University College Dublin. Justice Gerard Hogan (Irish Supreme Court) will make introductory remarks. Professor Eoin Carolan (UCD) will moderate the event: Professors Alison Young (Cambridge) and Joanna Bell (Oxford) will provide commentary. I will (attempt to) respond. Sign up for free here! And, of course, download chapter 1 to whet your appetite — also free.

UPDATE: You can watch the video here:

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