Taking Law Seriously: Essays in Honour of Peter Cane

Professor Peter Cane is one of the most prolific and important scholars of administrative law. His comparative work on administrative tribunals and controlling administrative power is outstanding, his Clarendon text on administrative law an excellent entry point into the subject (as is his co-authored text on Australian administrative law) and his many articles and book chapters make significant contributions to oversight of public administration in the common law world. And his torts scholarship is just as prolific and important.

As someone who has benefited from Peter’s wisdom and insight over the years, I am happy to say there is a new edited collection honouring him, Taking Law Seriously, edited by James Goudkamp, Mark Lunney and Leighton McDonald, and even happier to say that Administrative Law Matters readers can get a 20% discount at the bloomsbury.com website by using the code UG8.

Here are further details about the collection:


This book celebrates the scholarship of Peter Cane. The significance and scale of his contributions to the discipline of law over the last half-century cannot be overstated. In an era of increasing specialisation, Cane stands out on account of the unusually broad scope of his interests, which extend to both private and public law in equal measure. This substantive breadth is combined with remarkable doctrinal, historical, comparative and theoretical depth. This book is written by admirers of Cane’s work, and the essays probe a wide range of issues, especially in administrative law and tort law. Consistently with the international prominence that Cane’s research has enjoyed, the contributors are drawn from across the common law world. The volume will be of value to anyone who is interested in Cane’s towering contributions to legal scholarship and administrative law and tort law more generally.

Table of Contents

1. Tort Law Beyond the Forms of Action: Achieving the Goal of The Anatomy of Tort Law
Christine Beuermann, Newcastle University, UK
2. Elements of Torts
James Goudkamp, University of Oxford, UK
3. Culpability and Compensation
Sandy Steel, University of Oxford, UK
4. Peter Cane on Torts
Stephen D Sugarman, UC Berkeley School of Law, USA

5. Constitutional Rights, Moral Judgement, and the Rule of Law
TRS Allan, University of Cambridge, UK
6. Participation and the Duty to Consult
Janet McLean, University of Auckland, New Zealand
7. Controlling Administration: The Rise of Unilateral Executive Power in the United States
Jerry L Mashaw, Yale Law School, USA

8. Administrative Compensation: Bypass or Dead End?
Carol Harlow, London School of Economics and Political Science, UK
9. Tort and Regulation
Donal Nolan, University of Oxford, UK
10. Regulating Relationships: The Regulatory Potential of Tort Law Revisited
Jenny Steele, University of York, UK

11. Th inking about Doctrine in Administrative Law
Leighton McDonald, Australian National University
12. Administrative Tribunals: An Essay about the Legal Imagination of Administrative Law Scholars
Elizabeth Fisher, University of Oxford, UK
13. Cane as Law Reformer: Gotterdamerung or House of Cards?
Mark Lunney, King’s College London, UK
14. Philosophical and Judicial Th inking about Moral Concepts: Cane’s Critique of Philosophical Method 20 Years On
Anthony J Connolly, Australian National University
List of Peter Canes Publications

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