Reminder: Administrative Law & Governance Colloquium with Dr. Jennifer Cobbe (Cambridge), “Reviewable Automated Decision-making”, Tuesday April 5 at 11.30 eastern

The last in this year’s Administrative Law and Governance Colloquium takes place on Tuesday next, April 5 at 11.30 eastern time.

My guest will be Dr. Jennifer Cobbe from the University of Cambridge. She will be discussing “Reviewable Automated Decision-making”, based on her important articles on the subject (see e.g. here and here). Here is Dr. Cobbe’s bio:

Dr. Jennifer Cobbe is a Senior Research Associate and Affiliated Lecturer in the Department of Computer Science and Technology (Computer Laboratory) at the University of Cambridge. Dr. Cobbe’s research interests include interdisciplinary work on questions of power, political economy, and the law around digital technologies, online platforms, and automation. 

Dr. Cobbe’s educational background includes a PhD in Law and an LLM in Law and Governance from Queen’s University, Belfast. During her PhD Dr. Cobbe studied the use of machine learning in commercial and state internet surveillance, and the impact of these related forms of surveillance on people and society. Her current primary area of research is on applying administrative law standards and judicial review processes to automated decision-making in order to develop standards, mechanisms, and tools for legally compliant and reviewable systems in the public sector. She is also interested in technical means for improving legal compliance and accountability of complex systems; legal regulation of new technologies; and theoretical approaches to privacy, surveillance, and emerging tech.

Dr. Cobbe is a member of the Microsoft Cloud Computing Research Centre, an affiliate of the Minderoo Centre for Technology and Democracy, and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.  She has also been widely published in journals including Conservation Science and Practice, International Data Privacy Law, and Internet Policy Review.

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