More on Method: CCCS Melbourne Global Public Law Seminar on Researching Public Law

At the risk of overdoing it by posting twice on methodology in the same week (see also here), I should like to highlight a recent seminar held by the Centre for Comparative Constitutional Studies at the University of Melbourne.

The topic is a forthcoming collection edited by yours truly and Professor Joe Tomlinson (York), Researching Public Law in Common Law Systems, the text for which is finally in the hands of the publisher (Edward Elgar). In the seminar, Professor Tomlinson introduces the book before three of the contributors, Professors Varuhas (doctrine), Roux (comparative law) and Promislow (Indigenous legal traditions) introduce their contributions. Professor Cheryl Saunders acted as moderator:

Professor Saunders kindly remarked at the end that Professor Tomlinson and I have set the hare running as far as methodology in public law is concerned. But I don’t expect that we will catch the hare ourselves! Our collection will not be the last word on the matter, as there is increasing interest in this important subject (see also Kyritis & Lakin’s text on the Methodology of Constitutional Theory here).

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