In-Person Discussion of Understanding Administrative Law in the Common Law World, with Justice Alexander Pless (May 10, 5pm)

Pandemic restrictions meant that when Understanding Administrative Law in the Common Law World rolled off the printing presses in 2021, the launch events took place online. I’m happy to say that the Centre on Governance at the University of Ottawa has organized an in-person gathering for next week, in the University’s state-of-the-art Social Sciences Building FSS 4006. It will be a laid-back and hopefully entertaining evening, as I discuss the book with Justice Alexander Pless

Here is the event blurb:

Join Justice Alexander Pless of the Quebec Superior Court and Professor Paul Daly as they discuss Daly’s new book Understanding Administrative Law in the Common Law World: what is so important about administrative law; how can this difficult area of law be explained to practitioners, students and the public; and what is Canada’s place in the world of administrative law?

More information here.

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