Hogan and Morgan’s Administrative Law in Ireland

For 25 years, Hogan and Morgan has been the leading work on administrative law and judicial review in Ireland. The fourth edition covers:

  • Fair procedures including the rule against bias and audi alteram partem;
  • Review of discretionary powers, with the doctrines of reasonableness and proportionality and the impact of    constitutional rights;
  • Judicial review practice and procedure, including Order 84A and the specialised statutory schemes in fields like planning or immigration;
  • The liability of the State and public bodies;
  • All aspects of litigation against the State;
  • Doctrine of legitimate expectation;
  • Statutory instruments and soft law such as: guidelines and codes of practice;
  • The legal anatomy of Departments of State, including the Minister and Secretary General and the terms and conditions of civil service employment;
  • Legal dimensions of state sponsored bodies and public bodies, including de-regulation and competition;
  • Tribunals and licensing (including financial and commercial regulators);
  • Public inquiries (including tribunals of inquiry and Commissions of Investigation);
  • The Ombudsman;
  • Principles of local government law;
  • Statutory interpretation and key aspects of the ultra vires doctrine.

In addition to an enormous volume of case-law, the work also deals with major new legislation including Planning and Development Act 2000, Local Government Act 2001, Public Services Management (Recruitment and Appointment) Act 2004, Civil Service Regulation (Amendment) Act 2005 and the Public Sector Management Act 1997.

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