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The Historical Foundations of English Administrative Law: Paul Craig on Philip Hamburger

Paul Daly September 21, 2016

Paul Craig’s essay on Philip Hamburger’s Is Administrative Law Unlawful? (discussed previously here) is an excellent survey of the historical foundations of English administrative law, which casts serious doubt on Hamburger’s account. Entitled “The Legitimacy of US Administrative Law and the Foundations of English Administrative Law: Setting the Historical Record Straight“, it is available on SSRN: Administrative […] Read more


Administrative Law Values: Distinctively Canadian?

Paul Daly September 6, 2016

In the concluding chapters of Public Law Adjudication in Common Law Systems: Process and Substance — the edited collection arising from the first Public Law Conference, held at the University of Cambridge in 2014 — both Professor David Feldman and Professor Cheryl Saunders gently suggested that my chapter, “Administrative Law: A Values-Based Approach“, was produced from a Canadian perspective. […] Read more

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