Administrative Law Matters


2023 Administrative Law & Governance Colloquium: “The Legitimacy of the State”

The topic for the 2023 edition of the Administrative Law & Governance Colloquium was “The Legitimacy of the State”: The legitimacy of contemporary liberal democratic states is in a state of flux. Managing the effects of globalization, responding to the COVID-19 pandemic and fighting escalating inflation have prompted serious questions about public administration in the […] Read more


Policy Options Series on the Emergencies Act

Policy Options is running a series — Lessons from the Rouleau Commission — prompted by the report of the Rouleau Commission into the invocation of the Emergencies Act in February 2022. My contribution, entitled “Legal tussling over the Emergencies Act is far from over”, can be found here. Here are the introductory paragraphs: The honking […] Read more


Judicial Oversight and Open Justice in Administrative Proceedings

Two pieces of proposed legislation are currently winding their way through Parliament, one about judicial discipline, one about compensation for air travel passengers. As drafted, both bills prompt serious questions about judicial oversight and open justice. Judicial Oversight Several judicial discipline cases in recent times have become bogged down in lengthy litigation, paid for out […] Read more