Administrative Law Matters


Administrative Tribunals and Constitutional Independence: Walter v BC 2019 BCCA 221

The constitutional status of tribunal independence was squarely in issue in Walter v. British Columbia.[1] Controversy arose about the remuneration of the Chairperson of the British Columbia Review Board. Each Canadian province has a Review Board to make or review dispositions in respect of accused persons found Not Criminally Responsible by reason of Mental Disorder, […] Read more


Thinking about Administrative Justice: the Power of Mashaw’s Models

There are many available definitions of administrative justice, a term which “has, until recently, been shrouded in obscurity”[1] and provoked “considerable disagreement”.[2] On the one hand, the term can be used to denote “the justice inherent in decision making”,[3] or “those qualities of decision making process that provide arguments for the acceptability of its decisions”.[4] […] Read more