A Few Thank Yous

Some nice news today from the 2014 Clawbies. My blog won in the Best Law Professor Blog category and the judges (Jordan Furlong, Steve Matthews and Simon Fodden) had something nice to say:

Administrative Law Matters, by Université de Montréal Assistant Professor Paul Daly, isn’t just the best law professor blog in the country; we think it’s one of the best blogs, period. Astonishingly high rates of both volume and quality set Paul’s blog apart and marked it as one of the most important resources for understanding what is frequently one of the most arcane and intricate of legal subjects.

In 2014, I also became a member of the prestigious Centre de recherche en droit public, a considerable honour that allows me to follow in some famous footsteps. The Centre is now led by Vincent Gautrais, with whom I hope to collaborate on several online projects in 2015. You can see the Centre’s revamped website here.

Of course, my own website would not be possible without the help of the Centre. It is powered by “Forcerouge”, Vincent’s brainchild which has been brought to life by the team at the Centre. My own website relies on the technology — and I should again take the opportunity to thank Marie-Christine Robert and Florian Martin-Bariteau for their help in getting me up and running and keeping me online. The team had another Clawbie accolade this year, with Éloïse Gratton’s well-deserved win in the Best New Blog Category.

Finally, 2014 was a great year for me personally: my daughter Lorna arrived in the summer and my son Liam celebrated his first birthday (a combination that also prompts me to occasionally visit this Youtube clip). Spare a thought for poor Marie-France, who has to live with two infants and a blogger…thanks for the love and support!

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