Guest Posts from the West Coast

This week the blog will feature a series of guest posts from administrative law experts at the Peter A Allard School of Law at the University of British Columbia: in order of appearance, Professors Cristie Ford, Mary Liston and Alexandra Flynn.

Professor Liston has written a short introduction to set the scene:

The pre-COVID-19 genesis of these posts is twofold: first, they originated out of a series of recurring conversations amongst the administrative and public law faculty at Allard law about the Administrative Law Trilogy; and, second, they were directly inspired by the enthusiasm expressed by students and faculty in the standing room only session on the Trilogy held in January 2020 and organized by Professor Jocelyn Stacey. Professors Cristie Ford, Mary Liston, and Jocelyn Stacey provided their reflections on the implications of Vavilov/Bell, while Professor Alexandra Flynn acted as moderator for the session and the Q&A that followed. Each presenter also gave their views on the key ‘take-aways’.

The posts will appear on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. Stay tuned! I will update this page, too, as the posts are published:

Cristie Ford, “Vavilov, Rule of Law Pluralism, and What Really Matters”

Mary Liston, “Bell is the Tell I’m Thinking Of”

Alexandra Flynn, “There’s a New Boss in Town: Vavilov and Municipalities”

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