Correctness, Conventions, Cabinet Confidence: Ontario (Attorney General) v. Ontario (Information and Privacy Commissioner), 2022 ONCA 74

I was puzzled by the Supreme Court of Canada’s decision to grant leave to appeal from the Ontario Court of Appeal in Ontario (Attorney General) v. Ontario (Information and Privacy Commissioner), 2022 ONCA 74. Admittedly, this is a high-profile case, as it involved a decision by the Commissioner that mandate letters issued by the Premier […] Read more


Chat GPT4: Decision Writing and Boilerplate

I asked Chat GPT4 to help me write an administrative decision refusing a student visa application. Sure, here’s an example of how you could structure an administrative decision regarding a student visa application: [Date] [Applicant Name] [Address] [City, Province/State] [Country] [Postal Code] Dear [Applicant Name], Re: [File Number] I am writing to inform you of […] Read more


Reminder: Peter Conti-Brown on Central Banks, Tuesday April 4 at 11.30 via Zoom (Administrative Law & Governance Colloquium 2023)

The last speaker in this year’s Administrative Law & Governance Colloquium, “The Legitimacy of the State” will be Professor Peter Conti-Brown (Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania). You can register here or simply join us at this link on Zoom on Tuesday. Professor Conti-Brown will be speaking about central banking, based on his book The Power […] Read more