Administrative Law Matters

Commentary on developments in administrative law, particularly judicial review of administrative action by common law courts.


Introducing Plural Public Law

My inaugural lecture as the University Research Chair in Administrative Law & Governance takes place on Wednesday evening, 5pm (register here). Here is the introductory section of the lecture. The rest will follow on Wednesday evening... We live in a world of increasing complexity, submerged by tidal waves of statutes, delegated legislation, soft law, judicial […] Read more


Pojanowski, “Neoclassical Administrative Law”

On the reading list for this week’s installment of the Administrative Law & Governance colloquium was Jeffrey A Pojanowski’s article, “Neoclassical Administrative Law“. Here is the abstract: This Article introduces an approach to administrative law that reconciles a more formalist, classical understanding of law and its supremacy with the contemporary administrative state. Courts adopting this […] Read more


Administrative Law & Governance Colloquium 2020: Gillian Metzger, Monday, February 24 (FTX 137, with pizza)

The first of this year’s Administrative Law & Governance Colloquium kicks off next week with Professor Gillian Metzger (Columbia) on the topic of “Legitimacy”: Monday February 24, FTX 137 (First floor, Fauteux Hall, 57 Louis Pasteur, K1N 6N5), 17:00 to 19:00. All are welcome to attend — there will even be pizza. Discussion will turn […] Read more


Regulating Google: Defending the Broadcasting and Telecommunications Legislative Review Panel’s Report

What are the social media behemoths — Facebook, Google, Netflix, Twitter, Youtube, etc — that have come to dominate much of the contemporary public sphere? Answering this question is crucial to determining what role courts, economic regulators and legislatures should play in respect of the behemoths’ activities. Are they utilities, traditionally subject to regulation, in […] Read more