For the Birds? Collateral Challenge, Legislative Intent and Public Law Remedies in R v Bird 2019 SCC 7

Found to be a long-term offender and known to be someone who struggled with conditional releases from custody, Mr Bird was made subject by the Parole Board of Canada to a long-term supervision order, which included a residency requirement. Mr Bird breached the residency requirement and criminal proceedings were duly initiated, carrying a penalty of […] Read more


The Decline of the Passive Virtues

Away from this forum I’ve made three contributions in the last month to debates about Brexit, from a law and policy point of view. First, I participated in a Centre for Public Law panel discussion on the UK Supreme Court’s decision in the Scottish Continuity Billcase, [2018] UKSC 64. The link below starts at my […] Read more


Administrative Authorities and the Disapplication of Domestic Law: Minister for Justice and Equality v Workplace Relations Commission C-378/17

Can a statutory tribunal disapply the law? The question arises in respect of constitutional challenges to legislation and, in the European Union, in respect of claims that domestic law contravenes norms of E.U. law. The recent decision of the Court of Justice in Minister for Justice and Equality v Workplace Relations Commission C-378/17 on a preliminary reference […] Read more