The Ages of Administrative Law: Introduction

I have posted “The Ages of Administrative Law“, my contribution to this year’s Public Law Conference, to SSRN. Here is the introduction. Thoughts and comments very welcome. The advocates of the 20th century welfare state envisaged a government that would take care of its citizens from the cradle to the grave. The contemporary administrative state […] Read more


Exam Season

Teaching term is over and exam season is upon us. Here is this year’s exam for Administrative Law. You have six hours… In the fictional Canadian province of Lower Canada, there occurred in 2020 an outbreak of a highly contagious and extremely dangerous flu-like disease known as VICOD. In Lower Canada, the Public Health Act […] Read more


Early Canadian Administrative Law

The few historically oriented discussions of public administration in Canada tend to take the regulation of railways in the 1850s as their starting point.  But there were early pre-cursors to the administrative state. The dominant theory of Canadian economic development is that the country was built on the production and export of various ‘staples’. From […] Read more